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Hubble Studio – An interview with founder Vince Ricci

A chance interaction with a Hubble staff member over Instagram is what led to the fruitful alignment between GRØSS and Hubble Studio. When I first met Vince Ricci, founder of Hubble Studio, I knew he was a kindred spirit of getting shit done. Catching glimpses of how he operates, I could see he fully embodies the role of a fearless leader, actively establishing Hubble as a creative hub in Los Angeles. Ricci’s uncompromising yet hospitable work ethic infuses every person and square inch of the DTLA compound, including Hubble Studio, Hubble Clothing, Hubble Agency and Balanced Los Angeles. Hubble continues to grow, fostering a strong sense of community with impressive clientele while continuously evolving its offerings — and we're here for it.



Although Hubble has a few components/departments, what is the overarching mission of the brand?

The overall goal of Hubble is to create a vulnerable place for creatives. When someone feels completely vulnerable and seen, they tend to truly express themselves from their deepest desires without feeling the need to conform to what is trending or what's easily digestible at the moment. The photographers, directors and creators are the gatekeepers that ultimately lead culture. Being the home for creators keeps us at the forefront of what's coming next, and future creators aspire to be a part of the culture and magic that takes place here.


I've never steered away from that one goal: to be the best and to provide the best. Anything short of that is not a life worth living.


Billie Eilish for Vogue
shot at Hubble Studio


How does the team stay aligned and focused on achieving this mission?

Hubble is definitely not the easiest place to work for the uninspired or someone lacking ambition. We push to bring the best out of people. If you have a limit, we definitely show that you can move past that. With that being said, the people that make it out of the wash are the heart and soul of Hubble; they understand the culture and honestly believe in it. To push a culture/brand, you have to have true believers. With us, it's providing the best possible environment for creatives. It's all about finding people who have the tenacity and ambition to stick to the goal at hand.


Johnny Knoxville for GQ
shot at Hubble Studio


What are some of the most significant distractions, and how does leadership/staff handle these?

I think our greatest distraction is settling for anything but the best. Whether it's the service, performance or content — anything other than the absolute best does not work for Hubble or for me. But the overwhelming majority of people never believe in this mentality, so convincing staff, vendors and co-workers that this is the only way for us is the ultimate distraction. It's frustrating at times and can be discouraging, but I've never steered away from that one goal: to be the best and to provide the best. Anything short of that is not a life worth living.


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BTS for Balanced Los Angeles brand shoot

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UPSAHL – Unapologetically Candid

It should be no surprise that throughout her performance her confident verve pulses unabated and is undeniably contagious.

It’s 8:42pm — I run, not walk, out of the Fonda Theater around to a back alley 3 minutes before she is due on stage; Taylor Upsahl appears out of the darkness with the grin of someone who has performed in front of their biggest audience 3 nights in a row. Even though I am meeting her for the first time to snap some photos, and (I cannot stress this enough) she is performing in 3 minutes, she greets me like an old friend before going into a ritualistic dance of poses; if she’s nervous it certainly doesn’t show.

It should be no surprise that throughout her performance her confident verve pulses unabated and is undeniably contagious. Her vocals, which are somehow angelic and aggressive all at once, flow sinuously through the massive drum kicks and dance-y production. With every song she flexes her undeniable gift for storytelling through emotionally charged and brutally honest lyricism; everyone in the crowd was transported back to their bedroom dancing away angsty self-doubt, a broken heart, or seething hatred for an ex.

UPSAHL is so unapologetically candid that you can't help but see parts of yourself reflected in her music, whether you want to admit it or not. Look no further than her new single "Lunatic". With lyrics like "I'mma light up all your shit / Blow a kiss like / Push you in the, tiny dick" layered on top of a punchy syncopated beat, she builds you up and gives you room to explode. As a multi-instrumentalist, gifted songwriter (with writing credits on hits like Dua Lipa’s “Good on Bed”), she is an indie-pop-rock force to be reckoned with and no doubt on her way to being a household name.

Story and photos by Haley Killam

Listen to UPSAHL here

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360° Studio Visit with Sol Summers

Hailing from Portland and now based in Los Angeles, Sol Summers continues developing a hauntingly vibrant subject matter with scale to boot.

Summers attended the Rhode Island School of Design for one year before leaving to fully devote himself to painting. He has been working in LA since 2017.

After getting a bit of background on each other, we talked about Summers' upcoming book project, noting that he favors Coptic binding for its lay-flat nature.

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Keep an eye on this young talent.