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A Triumph of Feast & Festivity: LA Wine & Food 2024

Stomach grumbling. Must. Save. Appetite!

After a quick tour of Frieze Art Fair at the Santa Monica Airport, it was time to focus on the most anticipated event of the day — the Los Angeles Wine and Food Festival. Finding our way in was a bit of a treasure hunt, but once we discovered the entrance, it felt like we'd hit the jackpot. My team and I, armed with appetites ready for destruction, were eager to dive into the gourmet goodies that awaited us.

This gesture underscored the festival's ability to blend the culinary with the artistic, creating an immersive experience that appealed to all our senses.

First impression: The production was impeccable. It was clear from the get-go that meticulous planning had gone into ensuring a seamless experience for all attendees. The layout was thoughtfully designed, eliminating any dreaded long lines and making every delicious dish within easy reach. The spacious setup was great for comfortable mingling (although, it's hard to chat with people when you're stuffing your face with wagyu meatballs), creating a perfect backdrop for indulging in the seemingly endless assortment of bites offered by the wide variety of talented chefs. The staff and vendors were all in great spirits (a major shift from the uptight Frieze staff) which made our experience that much better.

A central, circular bar, staffed by an efficient and friendly team, served as an oasis for those looking to quench their thirst between the sweet and savory offerings. This well-oiled station ensured that we were never parched, granting us more time to explore the festival's appetizing activities. We even ran into the rising star food critic Luca Servodio of The LA Countdown (See his review here). 

After we snacked around a bit, our attention turned to the Artist Plate Project booth by Artware Editions. This unique presentation featured an impressive display of 40 plate editions, each crafted by a high-caliber group of visual artists. The booth was not only a feast for the eyes but also a testament to the incredible talent and creativity of the artists involved. The team behind the booth was exceptional, providing insights into the artworks and sharing stories that enriched our appreciation for each piece. Learning that this project has raised close to $6 million to provide food, crisis services, housing, and other critical aid to thousands of people was impressive. It even inspired my friend Collin Sommers to buy me a plate as a gift to celebrate my newborn son. It was a hard decision as there were so many good options. I ended up choosing the stunning 2021 edition by Lisa Yuskavage. This gesture underscored the festival's ability to blend the culinary with the artistic, creating an immersive experience that appealed to all our senses.

Lisa Yuskavage, 2021 Artist Plate Edition

Once the bites were bitten and the drinks were drunk, it was clear that the Los Angeles Wine & Food Festival was a masterclass in event production, culinary excellence, and artistic innovation. The Artist Plate booth, in particular, stood out as a brilliant showcase of creativity and collaboration, leaving us inspired and eagerly anticipating next year's edition.

Thank you to LAWFF for the invitation and I'm eagerly awaiting the next edition. 

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