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Hosted in Seattle's new 9th & Thomas building designed by Olson Kundig and built by Sellen, this edition includes a meticulously curated group of 36 natives and locals actively shaking the scene.

Come celebrate creatives, collect artwork and pick a limited edition copy of RELISH VOL. 3: Seattle to spice up your coffee table.

This exhibition is open June 7—29

Mon-Fri: 7-7pm

Sat: 8-5pm

Sun: 8-3pm


Special thanks to Scott Redman, the 9th & Thomas team and Dom Nieri for being a crucial part of this edition.

Thank you to our generous sponsors of this Seattle edition of RELISH:



RELISH is a destination-based, submission-fueled and sponsor-driven art program. 

Our mission is to empower, connect and celebrate creative culture in communities everywhere.

Email cool@grossmag.com about future RELISH partnerships.



A huge turnout and ~2,000 submissions made this release our biggest yet. Many thanks to our sponsors and invaluable team: ELLO, Blick, Coagula Curatorial, Towne Park Brew, Los Sundays, Vita Coco, Guayaki and The Tracks.



This was a huge success. Big thanks to all who submitted and to all selected artists as well as our generous partners and friends: ELLO, Blick, American Bookbinders Museum, Lagunitas Brewing and the Howlin' Wolves.