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Meet Lucas Beaufort: creator of HEART, a book and tour to honor 40 years of skateboarding

“You have to be doing 1,000 things. Always yes, that’s a good vision in life. Just say yes and then you can form and sculpt a project however you want. How can you live a life by saying no?”

In the vibrant world of skateboarding, where art meets asphalt, there's a man who hails from France named Lucas Beaufort, a jack-of-all-trades artist, who defies boundaries by pushing the limits of creativity both on and off the board.

“I started skateboarding when I was six and my mom put me on a board. I loved every bit of it. But she was tired of it after a while since I kept ripping my clothes from falling, and she had enough. So she put me in team sports.”

Then at 13, that spark reignited, and he found himself immersed in a world of endless possibilities. As Beaufort navigated life, he discovered that skateboarding was more than just a sport; it was a way of life, a source of inspiration, and a muse for his artistic pursuits. 



“It taught me everything I know really, how to speak English, how to travel the world, make friends, and see the world. There’s nothing like skateboarding for the culture. From the street fashion brands to the luxury brands, to the cinema industry, you can see so many things that are drawn from skateboarding. For 100 bucks you can get a board, you don't need a car, you can just go from your house and go anywhere.”  

"For 100 bucks you can get a board, you don't need a car, you can just go from your house and go anywhere."

Throughout his travels, Beaufort realized that skateboarding had a universal appeal, transcending cultural and geographical boundaries. It was a common thread that connected people from all walks of life, creating a sense of community and belonging.


Driven by a desire to capture the essence of the culture and being cooped up during quarantine, Beaufort embarked on an ambitious project: HEART, a book celebrating the iconic skate shops that have stood the test of time. Each shop featured in the book has a rich history, spanning decades of dedication to the sport, bringing together old and new generations of skaters and paying respect to the pioneers who paved the way. 



After the book launched, Beaufort embarked on tours visiting each shop featured. Going from Japan to Europe and now finally making his way to the USA. For a 10-stop tour celebration of the skate community, bringing together local skaters, over 250 total artists, musicians, and anyone else with an interested eye. With Pabst Blue Ribbon sponsoring each stop, what the nights have in store is unknown, but Beaufort can’t wait to see. 



“I want the whole city to come out, to have music, live artists. Just one night each, ten stops, I don’t want to plan too too much. We’re going to be at the shop from 6 to 9 pm and anything and everything can happen after that. I want to freestyle a bit. Let’s go eat together. The shop is just the starter of the night. I want the local skate scene to come out and to have a good time, but then also see what they are into, where they go, and to take me with them.” 



Beaufort's unwavering pursuit of his artistic passions, combined with his infectious energy and ability to connect with people, has allowed him to create a body of work that celebrates the essence of skateboarding and beyond. His journey is a testament to the power of following one's dreams, embracing change, and leaving an indelible mark on the world.

Catch Lucas at one of his stops over the next month where cold beers will be flowing from the loving support of PBR: 

  1. TENANT (Brooklyn) : April 12th 
  2. Humidity  (New Orleans) : April 23rd
  3. No Comply (Austin) : April 26th 
  4. Cowtown (Phoenix) : April 28th 
  5. 303 (Denver) : May 1st 
  6. Escapist (Kansas City) : May 4th
  7. Familia (Minneapolis) : May 7th 
  8. Antisocial (Vancouver): May 10th
  9. Atlas (San Mateo) : May 15th
  10. Pawnshop (Covina) : May 17th

Be sure to follow Lucas Beaufort on Instagram to stay in the know of each stop.



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A Triumph of Feast & Festivity: LA Wine & Food 2024

Stomach grumbling. Must. Save. Appetite!

After a quick tour of Frieze Art Fair at the Santa Monica Airport, it was time to focus on the most anticipated event of the day — the Los Angeles Wine and Food Festival. Finding our way in was a bit of a treasure hunt, but once we discovered the entrance, it felt like we'd hit the jackpot. My team and I, armed with appetites ready for destruction, were eager to dive into the gourmet goodies that awaited us.

This gesture underscored the festival's ability to blend the culinary with the artistic, creating an immersive experience that appealed to all our senses.

First impression: The production was impeccable. It was clear from the get-go that meticulous planning had gone into ensuring a seamless experience for all attendees. The layout was thoughtfully designed, eliminating any dreaded long lines and making every delicious dish within easy reach. The spacious setup was great for comfortable mingling (although, it's hard to chat with people when you're stuffing your face with wagyu meatballs), creating a perfect backdrop for indulging in the seemingly endless assortment of bites offered by the wide variety of talented chefs. The staff and vendors were all in great spirits (a major shift from the uptight Frieze staff) which made our experience that much better.

A central, circular bar, staffed by an efficient and friendly team, served as an oasis for those looking to quench their thirst between the sweet and savory offerings. This well-oiled station ensured that we were never parched, granting us more time to explore the festival's appetizing activities. We even ran into the rising star food critic Luca Servodio of The LA Countdown (See his review here). 

After we snacked around a bit, our attention turned to the Artist Plate Project booth by Artware Editions. This unique presentation featured an impressive display of 40 plate editions, each crafted by a high-caliber group of visual artists. The booth was not only a feast for the eyes but also a testament to the incredible talent and creativity of the artists involved. The team behind the booth was exceptional, providing insights into the artworks and sharing stories that enriched our appreciation for each piece. Learning that this project has raised close to $6 million to provide food, crisis services, housing, and other critical aid to thousands of people was impressive. It even inspired my friend Collin Sommers to buy me a plate as a gift to celebrate my newborn son. It was a hard decision as there were so many good options. I ended up choosing the stunning 2021 edition by Lisa Yuskavage. This gesture underscored the festival's ability to blend the culinary with the artistic, creating an immersive experience that appealed to all our senses.

Lisa Yuskavage, 2021 Artist Plate Edition

Once the bites were bitten and the drinks were drunk, it was clear that the Los Angeles Wine & Food Festival was a masterclass in event production, culinary excellence, and artistic innovation. The Artist Plate booth, in particular, stood out as a brilliant showcase of creativity and collaboration, leaving us inspired and eagerly anticipating next year's edition.

Thank you to LAWFF for the invitation and I'm eagerly awaiting the next edition. 

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“Wow, it’s so small but so heavy!” said the gate agent as she heaved my luggage. Since it was technically a carry-on size, she couldn't have expected an absolute brick. “And there’s two??!” Here we go, myself and Christina, our style director, departing LAX. All was smooth sailing until we landed at CDG, walked to baggage claim and saw our luggage — wheels crushed.


Alas, heavy mags and broken bags couldn’t get us down.

Bonjour, Paris!

Grøss <3 The Hoxton Hotel

Like the mailman, The Hoxton always delivers. Their Paris location is now the fourth Hoxton hotel the Grøss team has stayed at (including Rome, Portland and Williamsburg), and we’re always welcomed with excitement and ease. Located in the 2nd arrondissement, they’ve melded grandiosity with sleek design, amplifying the chicness only an 18th-century residence can embody. Bustling with locals and travelers alike, The Hoxton Paris is a hub for creative industries; a melting pot of connoisseurs. The perfect place to host our Paris+ Opening Party.

After checking into our immaculate, top-floor terraced room, we did as the Parisians do; eat charcuterie, drink delicious wine, and connect with friends at Planche, The Hoxton’s natural wine bar where we met with Stephen, our Bostonian transplant and resident sommelier.

From there we hit La Prochaine Fois, Le Feu (translates to The Fire Next Time, a reference to the book by author James Baldwin), a two-person exhibition featuring works by Kehinde Wiley and Alexandre Diop, where Wiley mentored the young Diop. This exhibition was produced by Reiffers Art Initiatives and hosted by Numéro Mag at Acacias Art Center. A raucous circle of rappers jostled the mezzanine — giving an abundance of life to the space directly in front of the stunning artwork by Wiley. Thanks for the gift bags, Numéro.



No time to waste — a car was called and we were swept off to the next destination: The Hole + Super Zoom’s Manscaping show and dinner in the Marais. The pink space housed pieces by Anders Oinonen, Caroline Larsen, Matt Belk, Matthew F. Fisher, Matthew Hansel, Mathew Tom, Cecilia Fiona, Eric Yahnker, Leo Park, Magda Kirk, Ramiro Hernandez, Jeremy Shockley, Pablo Benzo, Anthony Miler, Tim Irani and Brendan Lynch.



A packed, hazy upstairs hosted a scene reminiscent of a glorious college house party, with Ray cooking up a storm under Bertie the Pom’s careful supervision. We bumped into advisors, dealers and gallerists — Kathy (The Hole), Dimitri (Lorin Gallery), Andrea and Lauren.



Fast forward to Mary Celeste wine bar where we met with Danny, Grøss’ very own Ambassadeur Maitre Fromager (seriously, he got a medal while we were in Paris) and selected a couple of bottles under Stephen’s guidance.

Our last stop of the night, Hotel Le Super Bitch (kidding) aka the infamous Hôtel Costes. Yeah, it’s a cool, moody lounge but, damn, they could turn the “moody” level down a bit. It was all worth it to meet up with one of our cover stars, Big Bless himself, Mr. StarCity. Always a pleasure, fam. Probably won’t be returning to Hôtel Costes any time soon, though. I may or may not be 86’d...



Forcibly peeling my face from the pillows, the motivation to wake was stoked by a special delivery of croissants and coffee courtesy of the Hox team (you're the man, Theo). Time to get moving.



To do:

  • Shower off the long night.
  • Avoid thinking about the 9hr time difference between LA and Paris.
  • Prep and assemble our co-branded gift bags.
  • Takeover Hoxton’s library space at the base of Jacques’ Bar.
  • Scarf a couple of delicious burgers courtesy of Rivie (shoutout to the homie, Kim)



Party starts and people pull up — what a rad turnout. The intimate Jacques’ Bar was perfect for hosting an array of creatives and artists alike. Colombian photographers, musicians from Mexico City, French film directors, stylists and founders, PR pros — a powerful crowd all moving to the seamless sounds by Cezaire and DJ Warren. Thanks to Cocchi, our beverage sponsor, the bar was flowing with a trifecta of dangerously tasty cocktails.



As the clock struck 23:30h, the energy was palpable and it was clear the night was far from over. Crush a couple of pizzas with new friends then a quick stroll to Colonia Speakeasy for the Whitewall Magazine party — too crowded for comfort. We rang it in at Le Grande wine bar, Stephen’s stomping grounds, proceeding to get a masterclass in specialty French vins. After a short stumble up the cobblestone streets back to the lovely Hoxton, it was lights out around 4 am.




Attempting to get out of bed before noon, we made our way to Paris+ at the Grand Palais Éphémère, the temporary home while the Grand Palais undergoes renovation. Shout out to the Claudine Colin Communications staff, Paris+ par Art Basel’s press department for taking such good care of our team. They made it easy and efficient to retrieve our press badges, and we were off!


We knew we were doing multiple days of the fair so we took our time diving in and out of the main and emerging galleries tents, eyes sporadically bulging with delight. As it was a PACKED fair, it was only natural to bump into a couple of friends, like Spanish artist Okuda — unfortunately, we didn't snag a pic together since he zipped away on a same-day round-trip flight from Spain just to catch the fairs. His life pace is unreal.



Paris+ sits at the base of the lawn leading up to the Eiffel Tower. On our way out, we sauntered through the gardens, hopped on a couple of Limes, and biked along the Seine, excited to go meet up with our primo from LA. Hugosaurusrex is his name, coordinator for Kendrick Lamar’s Big Steppers Tour is his game. Together we ate one of the worst meals in Paris but it was overshadowed by our excitement for VIP passes to Kendrick’s specialty, a live-stream show at Accor Arena on Saturday, commemorating the 10th anniversary of Good Kid Maad City.

Hugo joined us for an exhibition by Unit London featuring a stellar installation of generative works of Willam Mapan. A few other exhibitions were happening in the building too... don't mind if we do.



We ended the night accompanying Hugo to his first-ever Eiffel Tower light show — pure magic.