We publish content across our platform that focuses on creative talent, cross-pollination, and ingenuity. While we’re always interested in these subjects, we’re not restricted to them.

GRØSS is based in Los Angeles and has a global community, so remember that a local story will need to have a farther-reaching angle or takeaway be published.

Below are guidelines for pitching online stories to us; articles for print are commissioned separately.

Step 1: Read the guide before submitting to make sure your content is a good fit because wasting time sucks.

Step 2: Submit here.


General Content Guide:


— relating to visual exhibits/installations, projects, production (fine arts, film, sculpture, etc…)

  • Studio visits (art studio, production studio, design studio, etc…)
  • Include original photos with and without people
  • Documenting any character defining items or objects
  • Reviews — subject must be available to view for a minimum 10 days of submission date
  • Artist profile/interview (written, video, or audio — must come with pictures)
  • Collector, curator, or industry professional profile/interview



— generally, things for people in creative demographics

  • Artist’s products (merch, prints, collaborations)
  • Design focus products (homewares, accessories, collaborations)
  • Studio tools/equipment reviews
  • Publications



— relating to musical performances, production, releases, discovery 

    • Lyrics insight or outlook - lead with the conclusion
    • A closer look at the technique 
    • Genre or style compare/contrast
    • Profile/interview — Influences, inspirations, and driving forces



    — global & local happenings, live reporting, documentary, investigative reporting

    • What makes this unique or notable?
    • Who does this affect in the creative community?
    • Where is this happening and for how long?
    • Legal or business highlights (i.e. creative IP infringement, artist estates, services)





    • Any plagiarism will get you banned.
    • Only content that has a compelling answer to at least one of the following questions will be published:
      • Why should GRØSS care?
      • Does this relate to a GRØSS content category? (visual, goods, music, news)
    • Tell us if this content is being submitted to other outlets.



    Mailing submissions:

    • Send e-mail to with submission details and images.
    • Our team will then provide mailing details to ensure receipt.
    • Mailed submissions WILL NOT BE RETURNED.