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Sergio Garcia Tells Us Two Stories

Constructing unorthodox models with uncanny detail, Sergio is effortlessly passing with flying colors. This Texas-based character sheds light on two pivotal moments from back when.

This feature was originally printed in GRØSS VOL. 1

We read about an art class that you got kicked out of because you drew yourself crucified. Was this an intentional statement or just a rebellious act?

Long story.
Art class was set up Freshman and Sophomore one side of the hallway then Junior and Senior on the other side. My brother was a senior while I was a Sophomore. I use to hang out next door with Juniors and Seniors until the bell rang. The teacher would get mad because I was on the wrong side. She made it like you had to earn your right to be on that side. She was a hardcore Christian. I use to wear shirts with Krishna, Hanuman, Nrisimhadeva.

She was one of those teachers that no matter how good you were, it didn’t matter as long as you followed directions. There would be people drawing stick figure stuff, completely kissing her ass.

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