May 23, 2017

‘Ego’ by Arpier = A Potent Concoction of Chill Pills and Vocal Ketamine

Evoking what can only be described as the feeling one gets while walking down the street to the perfect timing of an auspiciously relevant song, Arpier's new song has peaked our trippy interest with distinctly mellow guitar riffs and stress melting lyrics. They also happen to be some of our mega homies down in Brisbane.

The boys:

  • James (vocals/bass)
  • Liam (guitar)
  • Robert (synth/drums/vocals)

will be playing their dreamy sounds to the lucky folks attending the upcoming Big Pineapple Music Fest in Sunshine Coast, QLD, Australia. In the past, Big Pineapple has featured artists like John Butler Trio, The DMA's, Hermitude, and Opiuo.

Press play to be under a shady tree; on a scorching day; while wearing crocs; and drinking iced tea.

'Ego' song lyrics:

Verse 1
All defense, no sympathy,
Ego leaks in all we bleed,
My eyes deceive what’s in front of me,
But I'll keep them closed —my blind jealousy.

All that I long for and all that I need,
My minds playing tricks on me—forcing me to see,
All the things I’ve done yeah,
All the things I'll be,
Trapped inside my mind,
My Pseudoephidream.

Verse 2
Maybe if I leave,
I can find some peace,
Lie beneath the trees,
My thoughts in bliss relief,
Can't spend too much time here
Lost inside myself,
Anchored to the shore, (man)
Can't see no-one else.

Find 'em below:

Published by: GRØSS