A Growing Team Of Kooks

We design soft-touch, uniquely engineered, design forward sticker magazines. With secret content beneath stickers, exclusive photos, interviews and artwork, these are scrumptious pieces of perfect-bound paper you'll want to sleep with.

New phone. Who dis?

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You got a shelf? We got a mag. Shoot us an email with details like location and the type of shop you run.


Have an idea? Want to be included in the next RELISH or GRØSS release? Maybe organize an event together? Need curatorial service? Shoot it from the hip, baby.



We're always on the lookout for trippy stuff. Email or DM us examples of your work on Instagram @gross_mag. We try and get back to everyone.



Open our press kit for a folder full of some tasty images and funky stuff. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or would like to chat further.



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